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    Deville (SWE) / KuBa Jena am 26.06.2019 ab 20.30 Uhr

    26.06.2019, 20:30 - 23:00
    Spitzweidenweg 28, 07743 Jena, Deutschland

    When it all came together in 2004 Deville was born after some years of searching. Through a haze of rock, metal and stoner the members have found a way to do something that feels… The line-up was complete when Åkesson came back from Australia and Hambitzer gave up soulless pop and joined the duo, Andy and Markus. Since the 2004 line-up there have been over 400 gigs and festivals in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, …