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    Rapworkshop FREESTYLE SEIFE - OPEN MIC & BEATS - am 28.01.2019 ab 18.00 Uhr im Kassa Jena

    28.01.2019, 18:00 - 21:00
    Felsenkellerstraße 13a, 07745 Jena, Deutschland

    FREESTYLE SEIFE - OPEN MIC & BEATS - Every 2nd Monday // 18H Drums, Samples, Scratches, Mic‘s, Rap, Instruments, Live, Open for all Cypher - The process of tapping into your subconcious. A state of mind where thoughts and actions flow from your mind rather than being instrumented. It’s been 3 year’s now that a circle of 3 people and one mp3-player transformed to a regular session with different kinds of set-ups containing record players, drum machines, sample devices, mic’s, instruments and so…